Greenfield is an Italian company born in 2012 with the purpose of finding and marketing vegetable products offering the very best quality and chain of distribution (in particular Italian) essentially for the foreign market.
This business originated from the desire to differentiate itself from a mere trading activity, focusing instead on the chain of distribution concept, which includes traceability and control of all the production stages. In order to achieve this, Greenfield, drawing on the forty-year experience of the people operating in the company, verifies the quality of the products, testing, controlling and analysing each and every production stage, to ensure the quality of the marketed products. For this reason, the references handled are in limited number, but are certified from the origin.

Our mission:

Greenfield’s mission is to market these products on the international market, with the aim of offering these high quality products to an increasing number of customers. Therefore, Greenfield firmly believes in the importance of having more and more controlled and quality products in the future.

Head Office
Via Solferino 3 –
40124 Bologna -BO- 

+39 051/582351

P.I. 03214561205

Production Site
Via Industria 18 –
14015 San Damiano d’Asti -AT-

+39 335/7631662